Kinokuniya Bunzaemon

a brand of Japanese sake brewed by us, named after an ancient famous merchant here in Wakayama.
Through a complicated brewing process the main ingredients of rice and water are turned into sake. It’s often called “rice wine” because wine.
The high quality Japanese sake, is very carefully hand-worked by our highly qualified touji (brew-masters) and kurabito (his staff) with the infiltrated natural water from Fujishiro Mountain Range for brewing.
Japanese sake belongs to the brewed alcoholic beverage, similar to wine, goes well with any sea foods, as well as Japanese foods and Sushi.

Daiginjo Kinokuniya Bunzaemon・Grand Gold
Junmaishu Kinokuniya Bunzaemon・Gold
Junmaishu Kinokuniya Bunzaemon Genshu・Gold

・Brewed with high quality natural water.
・Hand-worked by the highly qualified brew-masters
・High quality Japanese sake.
・Going well with any sea foods

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Nakano Umeshu(Ume Liqueur)

Soaking the superior quality fruits of “Nanko-Ume” into the secret prescribed base alcohol and let it matured thoroughly. The fruit of “Nanko-Ume” contains very much citric acid. They say Nanko-Ume is effective in the anti-aging, recovering fatigue and purifying blood and so forth. In Japan, many people drink a moderate amount of Umeshu(Ume Liqueur) every-day to improving their health. It is very popular among young women as a “cool” liqueur.

○Tenma Tenjin Umeshu tournament 1st
Beninanko・Grand Prix

・Made from Ume of high quality.
・Effectiveness of Ume.
・Maturing slowly and thoroughly.
・Popular among young women.

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It enables it to take as a supplement every day, including mostly an ingredient called Mumefural made by boiling down the fruit juice from which the highest-class plum "Nanko-Ume" was extracted.

Ume-Shinjyu Kishu no akahon・Silver

・High-quality Ume.
・Effectiveness of Mumefural.

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We have very beautiful Japanese garden.

Nakano BC. Co.,Ltd. is a forty minutes’ drive from Kansai International Airport(KIX),
our brewery has very beautiful Japanese garden.
When you have a chance travelling to Japan, and transiting at Kansai International Airport(KIX), Why not call at our brewery and enjoy the taste and fragrance of just-produced Nakano Ume liqueur.
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