The outline of Nakano BC Co.,Ltd.

Address: 758-45 Fujishiro, Kainan City, Wakayama Prefecture, 642-0034, Japan.
Telephone: +0081-73-482-1234, Facsimile: +0081-73-482-2244
Incorporated: November, 1961 Capitalized: Japanese Yen 80 mil.
Annual turnover: Japanese Yen 3.5 bil. (as of September 2010)
Employees: 193 (as of October 2010)
President/CEO : NAKANO Yukio/Mr.

Tokyo Office:
Address: Marumoto Bldg. 7th floor, 3-23-24 Toyo, Koto ward, Tokyo, 135-0016,Japan.
Telephone: +0081-3-5635-2526, Facsimile:+0081-3-5683-5188

The scope of business:
■Sake brewing business:
Brewing and selling the various alcoholic beverages such as Japanese sake, Umeshu(Ume liqueur) and Shochu(Japanese distilled spirits).
■Health caring business:
Planning and ordering of the functional foods.
■Ume juice business:
Manufacturing and selling Ume products, specializing in “Ume”, a local specialty of Wakayama Prefecture.
■Sightseeing business:
The guided tours around our brewery and Japanese garden.
■Beverage processing business:
OEM production of refreshing beverages (juice drink and coffee etc.)

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Message from Nakano Yukio, President of the NAKANO BC

Started with a soy-source brewing business, we have produced so many products such as Shochu (Japanese distilled spirits), Japanese sake, Mirin (Japanese traditional fermented seasoning) and Umeshu(Ume liqueur).
One of our products, Umeshu(Ume liqueur), processed with Ume (or Japanese apricot), the local specialty of our Wakayama, was prized a gold medal in a food quality competition of “Monde Selection”, very popular all over Japan.
We make it our motto to satisfy our clients with our appealing products of high quality.

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