●Jabara: the magical fruit

Jabara that is one of the main ingredients in Atopitan is a citrus fruit that grows wild in Kitayama Village in Wakayama Prefecture, the only outland in Japan.

Jabara, whose name is derived from the phrase “drive away evil,” is said to be a lucky fruit, and was in the media spotlight some years back for its hay fever-preventing effects.

Jabara contains narirutin, an active ingredient with strong anti-allergenic effects, and is confirmed to relieve allergy symptoms.

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●Green mandarin that has been used for medicinal purposes since long ago

Green mandarin oranges that are grown in the Arida District of Wakayama Prefecture, the home of Satsuma mandarin oranges, are one of the main ingredients in Atopitan.

Mandarin oranges have a long history as medicinal fruit, and are even listed in the Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing (The Divine Farmer’s Materia Medica Classic) that is a specialist book of medicine published in China 2,000 years ago. In Japan as well, unripe mandarin oranges were called ‘kumaru’ and were said to activate the lungs, guts, and other internal organs, make skin beautiful, and act as an antidiarrhetic.

Unripe green mandarin oranges harvested in the height of summer, from mid- to late July, have a high hesperidin content, and have been confirmed to relieve problems related to the changing of the seasons.

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●Special patented method

We have succeeded in reducing the distinctive bitterness and harshness of green mandarin oranges with heat treatment.

In addition, we found that hesperidin that does not dissolve easily in water becomes 2.5 times more dissolvable when mixed with narirutin that is contained in jabara fruit so that it is absorbed into the body more easily.

●Double power of jabara and green mandarin oranges

Good for those with:

  • - Hay fever
  • - Atopic dermatitis
  • - Allergy symptoms

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