● One of the oldest health foods in Japan

Ume is said to have been brought over from China in the Nara period.

It was useful as a military food during the long battle in the Warring States period and became popular with the general population in the Edo period, coming to be known as a health food.

●Made with premium brand Nanko ume

Nanko ume cultivated in the Minabe region of Wakayama Prefecture is known as a premium ume brand.

The calcium-packed soil, warm sunlight, and breeze blowing from the Kuroshio (Black) Current are well-suited for ume cultivation. The Nanko ume fruit of Kishu are large but have small seeds and feature thin skin and thick and soft fruit.

Our brewery picks only the best of those Nanko ume fruit to create our ume extract.

Ume extract 01

●The steps up to ume extract completion

Specially selected Nanko ume fruit are washed carefully.

The ume fruit are boiled until soft (cooker) and the fruit and seeds are separated (pulper). Next, the fruit juice is squeezed out of the separated fruit (clarifier).

The extracted juice is slowly kneaded while being heated (kneading and steaming) to create the ume extract. The quality of the ume extract is determined by the temperature and duration of the heating.

Only 20 g of ume extract is created from 1 kg of green ume.

This 100% pure ume extract is concentrated to 1:50.

Ume extract 02

●The power of ume extract

- Mumefural and a smoothing ingredient

Mumefural is an ingredient in ume extract that was discovered in 1998.
It inhibits platelet aggregation in blood vessels and may help prevent illnesses, high blood pressure, and cold sensitivity caused by blood flow problems.
We added computers to our production processes to successfully fix constant mumefural levels.

- Citric acid as an energizing ingredient

Ume extract has a high citric acid content.
Citric acid plays the important role of smoothly converting nutrients ingested with food into energy in the body (citric acid cycle) and is also said to help break down fatigue substances (lactic acid) and fats.

Ume extract 03