Daiginjo “Kinokuniya Bunzaemon” (black)

This sake is named after one of the most famous Edo Period business tycoons from Kishu (Wakayama). He risked his life to transport mikan (mandarin oranges) on a ship called the “Kinokuni Mikanbune” to Edo, where he made a fortune. His name was Kinokuniya Bunzaemon.

Uses “Yamadanishiki” from Hyogo Prefecture for all of its ingredient rice, for a high polished rice ratio of 35%.

A perfect combination of a clean, easy-to-drink, and well-rounded taste, and a grand and classy ginjo (careful brewing) aroma.

Enjoy a superb fragrance and taste extracted from the core of the rice grains through the artisanry of low-temperature slow fermentation. The classy and grand aroma reaches the highest echelon of ginjo sake.

  • Grand Gold in Monde Selection for five years in a row.
  • Gold in the “Good Sake in a Wine Glass” award in 2014.
  • Bronze in London Sake Challenge in 2016.