Kishu Umeshu -- Beninanko

This product uses “beninanko ume,” a variety of nanko ume which only grow under the sun, and therefore have high scarcity value. To keep their freshness, they are picked in the morning, brought to us, and then pickled the same day. Also, to make sure that better-tasting ume are used, and the end product looks brighter, our staff carefully hand pick only good fruit.

As much as 1.5 times more ume (beninanko ume) are pickled compared to normal umeshu.

The umeshu toji (chief brewer) orchestrates the whole manufacturing process from the harvest of fruit to taking them out of the container, locking in the peach-like fruity fragrance of the freshly harvested “beninanko ume,” as well as drawing out the satisfyingly rich tartness and sweetness.

We recommend drinking it on the rocks, straight, or with soda. Enjoy the classy goodness that hits your palate the moment you have your first sip.

  • First-ever Grand Prix awarded in Tenman Tenjin Umeshu Festival
  • Gold in Monde Selection for three years in a row.