Kishu Ume no Hatsukoi/non-alcoholic

Ume syrup with a generous amount of citric acid, made with nankobai from Wakayama, the mecca of ume growing. This is a soft drink that is sweet-sour, with an intriguingly nostalgic feel to it.

Rich in citric acid made from Kishu oume (half-ripe ume) from the nature-rich Wakayama Prefecture, this sweet-sour ume syrup can be enjoyed in various ways by everyone including children, the health-conscious elderly, frequent drinkers, and non-drinkers.

Various ways of drinking

Mix one part with four parts of iced or hot water for a refreshing taste! Ideal for recovery from tiredness or the prevention of summer lethargy.
Orange and ume
Mix one part with three parts of water and add ice. You can make it even more refreshing by replacing the water with the same amount of soda pop or Coke.
Ume cocktails
Make some original ume cocktails by mixing with shochu, sake, gin, or vodka.
Drinking ume yogurt
For a yogurt-like drink, mix about two tablespoons of “Ume no Hatsukoi” with 200ml of milk.