Umeshu-flavored non-alcoholic syrup made with oume (half-ripe ume) from Wakayama Prefecture.

Simply mix one part of this versatile concentrated liquid with four parts of water or carbonated water to make umeshu-flavored non-alcoholic cocktails or cocktail bases. Can also be used in baking and cooking.

Enjoy the rich fragrance and sweet-sour taste of ume as well as the goodness of carefully-chosen ingredients.


Ume Julep (ume)

Characterized by a pleasant fragrance and sweetness of ume followed by alcohol-like tangy bitterness. It has an umeshu-like adult taste.

(Lemon and ginger)

Ume Julep (lemon and ginger)

The freshness of ume and lemon is followed by the distinctive bite of ginger that is refreshing to the throat. Its tangy taste is addictive.


Ume Julep (yuzu)

You’ll have your nostrils “tickled” by the tartness of ume and yuzu combined with the perfect amount of richly-fragrant yuzu aroma.

Enjoy the genuinely Japanese harmony of the ingredients.